Scholarship Program

Give a Girl a Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship Program

The Mission of Task-Tarea is to provide Mayan and other indigenous Guatemalan girls the opportunity to obtain an education to assist them achieve life-time goals. In achieving this purpose Task-Tarea is helping Guatemala eradicate illiteracy among its Mayan and other indigenous girls and women.

When Task-Tarea was incorporated in Maryland in 1995 as a not-for-profit charitable education organization, it was providing scholarships to l0 elementary school girls in the highlands of Guatemala. Now 16 years later it is providing scholarships to 152 girls.

With a nominal scholarship of just $ 12.50 per month ($150 per year), Task-Tarea is making a big difference in the lives of these girls. The waiting list for scholarships is enormous so every year when possible, Task-Tarea adds more scholarships. `

Task-Tarea’s results are impressive and growing. Since 2003, 95 “Task-Tarea” girls have graduated from elementary school with basic education. Of these 31% (29 girls) have continued into vocational school and one with university studies.

All of these Task-Tarea girls are contributing to the welfare of their families and communities. Seven girls are now working as secretaries, one as a nurse, eight as teachers, and eight as accountants. More recently, five other girls have obtained certificates to pursue higher education at the university level.

Already Task-Tarea’s impact is reaching well beyond the girls who benefit directly from it scholarship. While Task-Tarea limits its scholarships to one girl per family, it finds that many parents of Task-Tarea girls are now sending all their children to school. Simply stated, helping one girl often helps all of her siblings.

ln December 2011, Task-Tarea launched its new “Give a Girl a Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship Program. This expanded and personalized scholarship program matches a Task-Tarea donor with one or more sponsored girls and manages communications between the two.

Sponsors of one or more scholarships will be honored as Donor Members of Task-Tarea.Please use the attached Pledge Form to confirm your acceptance of our invitation to join Task-Tarea in supporting the education of young Mayan and other indigenous girls in Guatemala. Give a Girl a Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship Program