Our Mission


Mission. To provide Mayan and other indigenous girls the opportunity to obtain an education to assist them achieve life-time goals.

Vision. We envision that benefited girls will contribute to the social and economic well-being of their communities, and serve as leaders and mentors for future generations.

Challenge. Education for girls in developing countries is not an easy problem to tackle. The educational system is marked by uneven access, equity, and completion rates for indigenous girls.

Philosophy. Task Tarea believes that the best way to transform a community is by providing individuals with tools to lift themselves up, and the most effective one to help people overcome poverty is education.

About Us. Task-Tarea, a nonprofit scholarship program, was founded in 1995 to assume the long term task of sponsoring literacy scholarships for young Mayan and other indigenous girls.

Task Tarea facilitates and provides financial support to those girls who have for so many years been neglected and expected to work and help support their families. Our aim is to focus on closing the gender gap in accessing education between boys and girls. Students who excel in their studies are encouraged to continue on to a vocational school.

Goal.To decrease illiteracy by raising funds to support the scholarship program and to extend access to education to as many indigenous girls as possible